D. C. Creations

  • Orginial D.C. Creations Patterns cost $5.00 each- That is for paper, ink, and my time to create them.

    Shipping for each created pattern within the United States cost $0.00

    1 cat $5.00 + $0.00 s&h
    Orders outside the U.S. will have to be arranged thru email, per order. (Use order form below)

    If your only ordering 1 or 2 patterns, you may use the current order form thru Paypal that is located beside each pattern.

    I can now offer to email these patterns. But please check with your EMAIL PROVIDER about transfering LARGE files before you request these by email. Some email providers don't allow download of large files and some of these are 6 to 8 pages long.

  • Leaflets and Books:The counted cross-stitch books and magazines I sell are in good, top condition; not marked up nor worn to where it cannot be used or read in order to finish the pattern. If you wish to buy leaflets or books, use the form below with a list of those you wish to buy. Your total of purchase plus shipping costs will be e-mailed back to you. Your books will be sent as soon as your check or money order arrives or you will be emailed a link to order on Paypal. If the item has been already sold you will be notified immediately.

    Cost for each leaflet $1.00

    Postage for each Leaflet is $1.25.

    1 leaflet 1.00 + $1.25 s&h
    Each additional Leaflet add $.25 cents more for s&h.
    2 leaflets 2.00 + $1.50 s&h
    3 leaflets 3.00 + $1.75 s&h

    Cost for each book/magazine $2.00

    Postage for each book/magazine is $1.75

    Postage for each leaflet/book mailed outside of U.S. will be calculated and emailed to you.

  • Speciality Orders:If you would like a Cross Stitch Pattern of your favorite picture or photo, please use the form below to contact me. I will email you back with instructions on how to special order. Please make sure your email address is valid. All Speciality orders are $5.00.
    Extra Patterns add $.75 for postage per extra pattern.

    Orders outside the U.S. will have to be arranged thru email, per order. (Use order form below)

  • Credit Cards or Paypal orders will use a special form sent thru email or on a special link via the website.

    I will accept Money Orders and Personal Checks. After receiving Money Order item(s) will be shipped the following day.

    Personal checks will have to be cleared first through the bank. I bank online so it usually takes 7 days. After check clears item(s) will be shipped the same day or following day.


    I am not out to get rich from these orders. In fact the money I make goes to paper, ink, and homeschool supplies for my sons. Thank you for your interest and time. Donna