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Here you will find some unusual Cross Stitch Patterns,
that I have created on my computer.

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Willie Coyote
150w X 93h Counts
14 Count, 10-5/8w X 6-5/8h in
18 Count, 8-1/4w X 5-1/8h in
26 Count, 5-3/4w X 3-1/2h in

Hello Kitty-1038
Stitches-135w X 104h Counts
14 Count- 9-5/8w X 7-3/8h in
18 Count- 7-1/2w X 5-3/4h in
26 Count- 5-1/8w X 4h in

Speed Racer-1079
Stitches-150w x 93h counts;
14 count 10 5/8 w x 6 5/8 h inchs
18 count- 8 1/4 w x 5 1/8 h inchs
26 count- 5 3/4 w x 3 1/2 h inchs

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